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In the Western world, immigrant parents must manage their children in an environment with values that are different from what they know. Meanwhile, their children adopt a new culture. The intergenerational and cultural gap creates two worlds that are warring, with significant socio-economic and emotional consequences. Whereas most parents are not equipped enough to negotiate between the two cultures, their children get frustrated by the pressure parents put on them.

This is where Bridging Worlds comes in!

We are a non-profit organization that offers cultural and counseling services to the forefront of Black/Afro Caribbean immigrant communities and organizations that serve them with the goal to enhance cross-cultural communication and relationships.  We strive for a community where Black/ Afro-Caribbean immigrant communities are culturally competent to enable them to thrive peacefully and successfully.

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Bridging Worlds with its humble beginnings has managed to make credible impacts in our communities.

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