Two Worlds at War

Two Worlds at War: Finding Common Cultural Grounds for African Immigrant Parents and Their Children explores the life of the African immigrant family and opens your eyes to the interweaving worlds of different cultures and generations. With insightful wisdom concerning cultural differences, authors George M. Portuphy, DMin., and Cynthia Adom-Portuphy, Ph.D., help you identify the nature of these differences so you can understand the tension they create and how to bridge the cultural and generational gap with a blended approach.

Discover how patience, tolerance, and effective cross-cultural communication can help parents and children come to understand each other’s needs, and learn the importance of parenting with an authentic love based on biblical truth. Within these pages, you’ll be inspired by the stories, perspectives, and life experiences of immigrant parents and their first-generation children. Two Worlds at War also shares with African immigrant youth how they can grow together with their parents, even when they come from worlds that are miles apart.