Stories of Inspiration


Bridging Worlds has helped my relationship with my parents because there is now a level of transparency that’s been built that wasn’t there before. Although it may not be the best of the best, there have been improvements in which both sides have a mutual understanding of where each other are coming from. Besides the cultural differences, the Bridging Worlds has provided ways and tips in which children-parent relationships can and will be fixed through things like communication. Oftentimes I shy away from telling certain things from my parents or making certain jokes because just like every other child, I don’t want to hear a long lecture just from a quick joke. I’ve come to realize the reason why that happens is because it may seem disrespectful in their eyes, given the age gap and their sense of humor is different than mine. This is where communication is key. We both learned what boundaries must be set, according to our preferences, and from there we’ve been able to bond a little better.


My mother and I have been profoundly impacted by Bridging Worlds. As a result of listening to both audios and reading study materials repeatedly, my mother has been able to see things from her children’s perspective. On the other hand, Bridging Worlds has helped me to accept and find solutions and ways to understand being wrong and acknowledging that apologizing is perfectly fine, go grocery shopping with her; give her a hug; help her in the kitchen; anything she needs. In addition, Bridging World has taught my mother and I that in this world you can only have one father and one mother in your entire life, biologically speaking. Your original parents can’t be biologically replaced by mentors, persons, and personalities who are as near to a mother or father role as possible. I have learned to preserve the bond between us and obey them.


Bridging Worlds  was there for me as my counselor during a dark time in my life when I did not know where to go and everything had been very unpleasant for me. During that time, God brought them into my life. CA.P at Bridging Worlds served not only a counselor to me but a friend, sister and a mother. She helped me go through a time that helped patch my relationship with my family, especially my mother. She helped me understand a few different things and in her own way helped my mother to also get to the point of understanding of who I was as a person and an individual.  I am truly grateful to all the things she did because it really did make me a better person.  It is not a one-day journey but it does help when things get overwhelming to have someone to talk to who understands not just in the biblical sense but also someone who understands what it is to be who we are in today’s world. This is what Bridging World did for me. Today’s life makes it very hard for people like me to be themselves with being in two different worlds as an immigrant and an American, combine that with the parents who are just immigrants and not fully comprehending the level of the struggle you go through trying to find your identity in the world where you don’t seem to fit in fully anywhere. And I’m grateful that I was able to start the journey of rebuilding my relationship with my parents and it also helped me to know how to be a better mother to my kids and sister to my siblings.