Cynthia Adom-Portuphy (Ph.D)

Founder/Executive Director

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Dr. Cynthia Adom-Portuphy holds a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Ghana, a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from Binghamton University, a doctorate degree from Clark University, and a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling degree from Regent University, all in the United States.


She is the founder and executive director of Bridging Worlds (BW). Dr. Adom-Portuphy has 25 years’ experience in youth ministry, dealing with Black immigrant parents and multi-cultural couples. Together with her husband, whom she partners with in ministry, she has been involved in several community engagements and collaborations with the city governments in Worcester, MA, Columbus, OH, and Wayne, NJ. Their immersion in the American culture, coupled with their African heritage has strategically placed them as a bridge between the younger first-generation American-born children and the older first-generation Black immigrant parents. As a mother to three lovely American-born-children, the couple has been actively engaged in helping Christian immigrant families navigate the nuances of the Western multi-cultural world while engaging their younger ones in meaningful and godly relationships.


Dr. Adom-Portuphy, who has previously served as a professor and content specialist for higher education, with Pearson Education and a degree in pastoral counseling has brought her teaching, mentoring and counseling experience to bear in supporting the Black immigrant community. Being extremely passionate about reaching out to the hurting or emotionally distressed, she has offered at-no-cost counseling services to youth, parents and couples, as well as over 80 seminars and workshops to groups, nonprofits and religious organizations, both locally and internationally.


Besides her professional and academic engagements, she serves as the Chairperson for the counseling committee for the Church of Pentecost, USA, an organization with over 30,000 membership, and doubles up as a member of the Global IT team for the Church of Pentecost, worldwide.


Dr. Adom-Portuphy who is a sought after conference speaker is the co-author of a ground breaking book: Two Worlds at War: Finding Common Cultural Grounds for African Immigrant Parents and their Children.