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Dr. Bob Alarid holds a bachelor’s degree in business, a double masters in education and theological studies and a doctor of ministry degree in divinity.

Dr. Alarid was born again at the age of five, and he was called into ministry at the tender age of twelve, after a supernatural encounter. He has been in ministry almost all his life. Dr. Alarid  is currently an overseer over several pastors, engages as an evangelist and runs seminars for pastors. He has ministered in more than one hundred countries across the globe, planted several churches, taught in several Bible Colleges, and engaged in seminars for ministers. He has been involved in extensive philanthropic work building houses for the poor, homes for missionaries and setting up church buildings, particularly in Latin America and Asia. 

His ministry has spanned across Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. Having traveled wide and far, and interacted with several people, he is passionate about how to support the most vulnerable. He is familiar with the cultures in the different places he has visited and understands the struggles immigrants from these cultures go through as they transition with their families in America. 


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